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As creators of Del Alma Restaurant Group,

We believe restaurants are more than a reflection of our current society. We believe that they are the trendsetters to how our culture is developed. What inspires art, and all forms of creativity

One of the current issues our society faces is the health of our earth. It is no secret that we are not currently living sustainably. Due to these current environmental issues, we all have to begin to do our part of eating more plant-based. It is no longer a discussion but a choice for us all. 

Eating plant-based is monumental in living more sustainably. There is still such a limited amount of options for accessible plant-based food. Most of these options are too similar. For this reason, we have decided to open Don Bucio’s Taqueria. The Mexican culture has long revolved around plant-based eating. It is only fitting to open a taqueria that specializes in plant-based.   To make eating plant-based more accessible while also not making any sacrifices.